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Why struggle with application paperwork, deadlines, and fulfilling prerequisits? Why spend countless hours researching schools? If you want to make an informed decision, ask Our advisors. Our advisors will manage your transition to school abroad of your choice! Our team is composed of college and universities graduates from different countries accross the globe. We understand how to meet the unique needs of international students. It becomes as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Application Management
    • Save your valuable time and choose to apply to school abroad through Albatross. We make sure that your schools of choice receive all the required documents in order and on time. We specialize in helping you have the best chance for successful admittance to a international university, college, or ESL school.

  • Administrative Support
      • Academic assessment: Find out what schools and programs you are eligible for. Ask us today!
      • Application follow-up: Ergon Emigration contacts your schools of choice to guarantee that your file has been received.
      • Administrative letter writing: Many school program applications require written documents as part of the application process. Our professionals are waiting to help you create your supporting documents.
  • Academic Advising
    • Choose to have your academic advising session by telephone, email, or live chat. Academic advising usually falls under 4 categories:

      • Program planning: Are you looking to earn a Certificate, Degree or Diploma? What will you declare as your Major and Minor? There are plenty of choices at postsecondary schools abroad. Our Academic Advisors are available to answer your questions, offer advice, and assist you with academic program selection.
      • School selection: There are so many cities and schools to choose from! What school is right for me? Our Academic Advisors are available to help you determine the school that fits your academic needs and personal lifestyle.
      • Change of program: If you want to change your program, Ergon Emigration will help guide you through the change. An advisor will help you plan your new direction and support your decisions.
      • Change of school: Not satisfied with your school? If you do not like your school of choice Ergon Emigration will help you transfer your credits to a different school and guide you through the change.

      Avoid rejection. Avoid confusion. Apply through Albatross !

  • Student Service
      • Airport pick-up / drop- off*: A bonded and insured Ergon Emigration representative will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival at destination and take you to your place of residence. (*Available in some foreign cities only)
      • Residence, apartment or house finding: Living on or off school campus? Our Ergon Emigration Advisor will help you come to an informed decision regarding your living arrangement. Your Ergon Emigration Advisor specializes in locating off campus apartments, condos, homes, and rooms for international students in a foreign country.
      • General consultation: Contact us immediately if you have any problems or concerns at any point in your study abroad experience. Your happiness and safety abroad is our priority. Our advisors are waiting to hear from you!
  • Social Community
      • Pre-Departure Meets: Albatross Consultants hosts a variety of events periodically, the most popular among them are the Pre-Departure Meets organised 2 weeks before every major study abroad intake. The purpose of hosting these events is to familiarise the students with the challenges they might face while studying abroad and meet other student who are also going abroad for studies. Our goal is to create a strong, unified, social community for international students.
      • Online social networks: Join our online social networks. Make your own profile, stay connected to other international students, make friends, and get involved. Find us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (
      • Live Chat / Message Boards: Albatross Consultants students can create a user name and password on for FREE to access their online file and live chat with our advisors. These tools allow students to freely and easily communicate with each other and our professional advisors and consultants.